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“Lossless Saved 78M Stolen Tokens”. It feels good seeing our clients in articles like these. It feels even better watching them grow and succed after our collaboration. It started with the creation of Lossless logo and recently Flair did the complete rebranding. Which not only included new visual communication strategy and character development but also new website and product design.

The client

Lossless incorporates a new layer of blockchain transaction security, protecting selected projects and their communities from malicious exploits and the associated financial loss.

Lossless protocol efficiently tracks suspicious on-chain activity, freezing malicious transactions and recovering stolen funds.

The challenge

Back in 2020 Lossless realized that there is basically an unexisting competition in the current DeFi cybersecurity market. After building a successful product the team quickly gained leadership status in the web3 security market.

This is why our main goal was to build a lead character that could be represented by the new brand identity and UI designs.

The solution

After the internal brand audit, we managed to identify the key areas to improve and find a way to create a new and unique visual language for Lossless.

3D layers represent different tiers of security, and in combination with dark shades of green, we built a strong, leading character. The website was redesigned together with their platform, and we are glad to see how changes in design help Lossless reach new heights.

2.7 mln.

Raised in total

29 mln.

Total value protected

Dark green
Light blue
Light blue