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HailTrace LLC

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HailTrace wanted to revamp their platform's design system for future designers to easily adapt to changes. Through our collaboration, we discovered opportunities to improve the design language and UI/UX solutions considerably, resulting in a complete redesign and a long-term partnership between our companies.

Our expertise provided HailTrace with an innovative platform that surpassed their expectations, solidifying our long-term partnership. We look forward to working together in developing even more cutting-edge solutions.

The client

HailTrace is a top technology company in the field of weather forensics, boasting a team of 5 expert meteorologists. They specialise in continuously analysing and compiling databases of hail, wind, and tornado maps in real-time across the United States, Canada, and Australia.

By leveraging this valuable information, HailTrace generates actionable data that can support existing customers, generate new leads, and track potential prospects. This allows their clients to make informed decisions based on up-to-date weather data, ultimately leading to improved business outcomes.

The Challenge

The complexity of HailTrace's system made it challenging to develop a UI/UX that effectively presented the vast collection of data points in a user-friendly manner. We recognised the need to simplify the platform without compromising the accuracy and relevance of the information, as this was essential for users to make informed decisions based on the latest weather data.

Our primary goal was to enhance the user experience by creating a platform that was intuitive and easy to navigate.

The Solution

Together with the HailTrace team, we worked on improving the product by implementing clear user paths, intuitive solutions, and an eye-catching interface. Our focus on scalability ensured that the platform could accommodate new features and functionalities without compromising the user experience.

The result was a streamlined and user-friendly platform that met the needs of its users and positioned the company for future growth.