Enote — Digital sheet library for professional and amateur musicians

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Enote, GmbH

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Product Design,
Web Design


Artificial Intelligence



Enote began with a dream of improving musicians’ lives through technology, and making quality sheet music accessible and affordable for everyone.

Enote trusted Flair Digital to develop the brand identity and design this powerful tool. After years of collaboration - the app is now live and receiving excellent reviews.

The Client

Enote is a music technology startup using artificial intelligence to bring centuries of written music into a reliable, flexible, and accessible digital standard.

The team is committed to creating a new score standard for musicians while reconstructing the world’s musical heritage to make the library completely comprehensive.

The challenge

The key to the ambition of easily reachable scores lay in a consistent digital format. Enote team developed an AI-technology capable of understanding and reconstructing the world’s musical heritage.

Our goal was to provide intelligent design solutions to create an intuitive flow for users. We knew that by combining AI capabilities with great UX and UI design we can create unique opportunities for musicians all around the world, including the younger generation.

The solution

After extensive research with real musicians and numerous workshops with Enote team we created a brand identity and new visual language that represents Enote as a modern and pioneering app.

We worked hard to design, test and iterate hundreds of different UX and UI solutions for the musician-facing application interface. By crafting an easy-to-use application on iPad we continue to improve the product and build versions for iOS and MacOS devices.


Client feedback

“Flair digital has been a valuable part of our mission for more than 4 years and still going. Without their input I don’t think our product would be where it is today. Very smart people that are easy to work with and understand us very well.”

Boian Videnoff

— CEO & Co-Founder