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Crisp design and intuitive UX racing tool - only for the bold & fearless

GPS based racing app made for all - pro racers and amateur riders.

Flair digital wiped the dirt and delivered a pixel-perfect app so that you could aim for your best lap!






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CrossBox reached out to us asking to help deliver the best racing app. Their aim was to distinguish themselves from the competition by providing a faster, simpler, and more efficient way of presenting relevant and customisable riding statistics.


Through numerous user interviews, many iterations and beta versions, we designed a simple and easy to use, yet powerful and resourceful racing app that suits amateurs and pros. Both - in terms of clean and attractive design, as well as customisable settings and features for each user type.

Discovering and delighting the end user

One of the first things we did was inviting riders for interviews to find out their needs and issues they had with their current racing apps. This helped us to better understand their pains & identify the key aspects of a racing app that would bring value for racers.

We developed a beta version with all of the features and settings wished for, and tested it with racers, which led to further iterations and improvements to ensure a perfect UI and UX design of the final product.

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Ensuring smooth and intuitive navigation

The whole experience is focused on speed, ease of use and personalisation. Each racer is different so we made it possible to quickly select tracking settings, choose analytic tools and modify appearance to ensure best user experience for everyone.

App's simple setup delivers detailed riding statistics, such as section times, visualised paths, speed high's and low's, helps find better lines and shows where you are winning or losing time on the track. These are the essentials for every racer aiming to improve his lap time.

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The Ultimate app enhancing your performance

CrossBox helps improve your performance by providing highly accurate data, no other app on the market can. We did our job well - 3 months and the design was there. Now its on you! Are you ready to ride? Then head to the App Store and download your trusted coach - CrossBox Lap Timing app.

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