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CFlow is your virtual accountant which makes no mistakes, never misses a deadline, saves your time & money!

We liked it a lot. So we gave it charisma, beauty and simplicity.






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CFlow came to Flair Digital with a great product but no face. The goal was to create a visually appealing design that would induce trust and reliability, while at the same time ensure smooth and intuitive user journey through complex reporting and declaration activities.


The final result was light and simple user interface with clear call to action icons and explanatory pop-ups, allowing to quickly grasp and navigate the complex procedures of revenue declarations.

Finding customer pain points

Core team at Flair Digital started off as freelancers a long time ago, which helped them understand the problem of doing tax returns with little knowledge of accounting related nuances. This is why we were delighted to work on a project that we knew will help a lot of people.

Long hours of brainstorming and sketching user journeys together with accountants, lawyers, designers and developers led to a solution that is easy to use, visually appealing, and does your tax returns for you.

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Design thinking based user experience

Filling in your own tax returns is quite a brain teaser. Completing logbooks of revenues, expenditures, calculating taxes, collecting invoices, declaring VAT, income, and submitting all of it using the right forms is a headache that takes you away from your core business.

Flair Digital succeeded at bundling it all into a light and crisp all-in-one solution that is easily customisable and provides guidance in the complex world of accounting.

Ready for any screen - big or small

One of the key goals of CFlow was to ensure that the UI/UX would be so simple that users could complete their yearly tax returns on their way back home on a metro using only a mobile phone or a tablet.

Challenge accepted and mission accomplished. All key features in a simple step by step guide, providing the same result and giving the same feeling of light and minimalistic design, ensuring trust and reliability.

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The only fully automated virtual accountant

CFlow is the first and only virtual accounting system in Lithuania, which has replaced the outdated way of managing freelancers accounting reports. After 4 months with Flair Digital, CFlow’s visual idenity was born. Light and beautiful from day one.

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