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Sweet as honey
design for bees, who
work tirelessly for
their community

Bemybee allows you to get the best of your city delivered to you in no time!

Bees are great. Bees are beautiful. Flair digital helped them to enter the digital realm! Bzzz!


Be My Bee


Grocery delivery


User Interface Design
User Experience Design
iOS Design




A great team of ambitious people came to Flair Digital asking us to build the first grocery delivery platform in France. Young Parisians wanted us to challenge upcoming entrance of Uber Eats with a warm, approachable, and trustworthy app reaching out to communities of young people and differentiating itself as local & friendly business.


Flair Digital designed a clean and modern web and iOS app with well thought through UX and warm colour palette. A few clicks are enough to get any products from shops in your neighbourhood delivered to you in an hour. On the other hand, just as many clicks allow you to grab a parcel of groceries for your neighbour and earn some money on the way.

Bees Flow & Experience Discovery

Our team thoroughly analysed the needs and requirements of different users of the platform and the culture and values of Bemybee in order to design a visual identity for the client and satisfying user experience for the platform users: shoppers, workers (courriers), and admins. Using the feedback gathered and our creative flair we have created a catchy and simple design.

website website

3 in 1. Smoothly & Seamlessly

In order to challenge competitors such as Uber Eats, we had to make sure that the platform's design and UX is convenient and pixel perfect for three distinct groups:
1) Shoppers - to select, order, pay, and track delivery of groceries.
2) Grocery „runners“ - to accept & deliver requests, and get paid to their bank accounts.
3) Bemybee - to ensure smooth running of the platform & provide user support.

Going all in on the mobile - iOS App Design

The next step after approving the web app was building native iOS app. Our mobile design team worked tirelessly to quickly transform and adapt the designs to fit perfectly in your hand. Now you can order groceries or deliver them to your neighbour and earn money with a few swipes of a thumb.

responsive responsive responsive

First grocery delivery platform in Paris. Beez Kneez quality.

Approachable, warm, and easy to use. On desktop, tablet, and mobile. Sweet as honey. Flair Digital's job is done. Tireless bees are bzzzing around Paris, delivering groceries and food to hungry Parisians and making their lives just a little bit better. One delivery at a time.

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